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Achras coriacea Lundell

Achras dactylina Lundell

Achras latiloba Lundell

Pouteria petenensis Lundell

Achras paludosa Lundell

Achras tainteriana Lundell

Bumelia contrerasii Lundell

Bumelia durangensis Lundell

Bumelia ibarrae Lundell

Bumelia sebolana Lundell

Chiclea cortesiana Lundell

Chiclea excelsa Lundell

Chiclea guatemalensis Lundell

Dipholis lenticellata Lundell

Manilkariopsis lobulata Lundell

Manilkariopsis petenensis Lundell

Mastichodendron erythrocarpum Lundell

Mastichodendron eucoriaceum Lundell

Mastichodendron eucuneifolium Lundell

Mastichodendron parviflorum Lundell

Mastichodendron tikalense Lundell

Micropholis guatemalense Lundell

Peteniodendron belizense Lundell

Peteniodendron rufotomentosum Lundell

Pouteria areolatifolia Lundell

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